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This project is my first project rendered with 3Delight. Mainly for economic reasons, I decided to learn and setup a pipeline made for 3Delight. Basically I have chosen this one also because the goal was to create a kind of living plush, with a most realistic render as possible.

My principal reference regarding quality was "Ted", as I was working alone (except for Luxi rig) I knew that my main issue was going to be render time. I therefore excluded raytracing, and reyes engine allowed me to do it.

But the first issue was that I had a reference for Luxi. And the character designed by Vincent Lévêque is very flatten style and imagine this character in 3D was not easy. David Degrande helped me on this step and I started modeling after that.

 I used "Yeti Fur" for fur, a system based on strands, but with the possibility to map some attributes. As I didn't know Yeti before, I took a lot of time to obtain what I wanted.

Regarding texturing, I used Mudbox for displacement map, and I used both photoshop and mudbox to paint textures. 

Occlusion and reflections are point based and I only used shadow maps.