My work on Batman v Superman : Dawn of justice

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Well, there's not a lot of my shots in the latest trailer (only 1 actually) but this is a good opportunity for me to start to talk about what I'm doing exactly on this movie.

First of all, you can watch the trailer :

My first job on the show was to lookdev Gotham (shading and lighting). The shot I did for the trailer is the big "boosh" shot, which is cool because we can see a bit of my work on the city.
I've placed something like 10k lights by hand... It was crazy, but really interesting, because I had the possibility to work on the artistic side of this huge asset. To finalise it, I've just created a bunch of differents shaders (metal, metal rusty, concrete, bricks ect...) and applied it to the city based on a strong naming convention so each part of the city got the shader it was suppsoed to get.

my shot

 As I was alone, I spent something like 3 months to get this done, but it was really fun ^^

I was also in charge of the lookdev of some assets in the show, and I've made the environment lightrig for the final battle sequence.
Currently, it's time to get the movie done, so I am lighting a ton of cool shots and I think the movie will be amazing ^^

Hope you'll like it.