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Raul Garcia

CEO at Melon Digital S.L.

To whoever might concern: 
I have known Rémy Dalmas for several years as he has been instrumental in the making of my CGI feature "Extraordinary Tales" 
I recommend Rémy for his amazing skills as animator and his very special commitment to the art form. Remy is not only proficient in the different packages of software professionally used in animation, but what's more important is an imaginative artist who apply art and ideas to the service of the tools. 
Being a generalist artist in CGI is not enough in the competitive animation market. Being an artist rather than a technician with the passion, the artistic skills and the creative drive to excel is what Rémy has to offer. 
From the point of view of a director, Rémy brings peace of mind, knowing that whatever the challenge is facing, he's going to come back with a creative solution. 
From the point of view of a producer, Rémy is a skilled problem solver and someone to trust in any of the aspects of the production of an animated film. 
Beyond his stint with Melusine Production, Rémy has been the creative lead behind Arcanim Pictures, a new animation studio with a promising future. 
Therefore I truly recommend Rémy's skills as animator and as a key team player in any animation endeavor he might pursue in the future. 
He will be a real asset to whoever request Rémy's talents in any creative position in the animation pipeline.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


July 3, 2014, Raul was Rémy's client


Sumira Dhawan

Lead Technical Director- Rendering and Compositing

It was a pleasure to work with Remy on Babar. He is a talented and diligent animator, a strong communicator (an essential asset given the global nature of the project) and a great person to work with. 
I hope to work with you again in future.

August 13, 2013, Sumira worked with Rémy at Luxanimation


marie moet

Je n'ai jamais été dans une production où le temps était aussi bien géré. Tout problème technique était reglé au plus vite, il est aussi très agréable de travailler avec Rémy car il fait preuve de beaucoup d'humanité sans qu'il ne perde de vu la dead line pour autant.

April 23, 2013, marie reported to Rémy at Luxanimation


Mike Fallows

Supervising Director at Corus Entertainment

I worked with Remy on the television series Babar and the Adventures of Badou. As the animation supervisor Remy was required to maintain the high quality of animation that had already been established. His episodes maintained and often surpassed what we had established. Not only did he help maintain a this quality level but he was organized, on schedule and very easy to work with. It was a pleasure to colaborate with Remy and I look forward to our next opportunity to work together. 
Mike Fallows

February 19, 2013, Mike was with another company when working with Rémy at Luxanimation


Maxime Jerome

Layout artist at La Fabrique d'Image

This dude is awesome ! Nuff said...

February 10, 2013, Maxime worked with Rémy at Luxanimation


david degrande

Studio Manager at Arcanim Pictures

Plein d'énergie, motivé et responsable, Remy peut organiser n'importe quel pipeline de production et en superviser sa bonne tenue. Organisant son propre planning au niveau de la direction de l'animation tout en gardant un oeil au respect du budget, Remy garantie les objectifs techniques et artistiques préalablement fixés par la direction. Que du bonheur !

February 10, 2013, david managed Rémy at Luxanimation


Eric Anselin

Vice-President Marketing at Luxair

Rémy is an excellent team manager, positive-minded and result-oriented. He is able to deliver results under pressure, while installing an constructive climate inside the company. He was extremely committed to the company, and gave an excellent to our external partners and co-producers. It was a real pleasure to count on him in our team.

February 10, 2013, Eric managed Rémy indirectly at Luxanimation